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Indian Independent Information Centre invites interested parties to put announcements on its homepage announcement board. This announcement put will be governed by the following rules. The interested parties may contact IIIC by e-mail at for submitting their announcements.

Rules and Regulations.

  1. The announcements will be free for seven days and will be displayed without charge.
  2. The announcements cannot be of anti-national, anti-religious, anti-personal or any information which may violate legal laws of India or any other nation in general.
  3. All the announcements submitted will be reviewed by our editor and his decision will be final.
  4. The announcements will be displayed within 24 hours after submission and review.
  5. This service may be withdrawn or modified without any notice whatsoever.
  6. IIIC reserves the right to remove any announcements which may cause public protest, legal complications or if ordered by Government of India etc.
  7. IIIC reserves the right to disclose the identity of the announcer if his announcement causes concern by legal authorities or Government of India.